Different types of adapters to put on your phone case


When it comes to the mobile phone adapter, the most common type of the adapter connector is USB mini to the USB micro. It actually allows the cell phone users to make use of the same power supply and cable to connect two or more different devices. Most of the computers and mobile phone devices have a form of the USB connection and they are also coming with the USB cable in the package. USB is nothing but the Universal Serial Bus (USB) which is the industry standard developed model to make the connection of the peripherals to the computers.

Various types of USB connectors:

Many people have a common doubt that if the USB is supposed to be the universal type of the mobile phone adapter which fits the entire phone case why are there different types of the USB adapter connectors. There are several reasons why there are diverse ranges of the USB connectors or adapters available to charge your mobile device or to transfer the data from one device to another. Each of them serve the various functions and mainly to keep the maximum compatibility while the new devices with the better specifications are released.

The types of the USB for the mobile adapters include Type A and most of the mobile USB cables contain a type A connector on one end and as well as the most computer peripherals like mouse and keyboard have the same type A USB connector port to easily connect to the computers for charging and the data transfers. Similar to the type A USB connectors, there are several more types such as Type B, Type C, Mini USB, Micro USB and lightning which is not the USB standard but it is the proprietary connector for the Apple iPhones and iPads.

How to purchase a right adapter for your cell phone:

Now days, there are so many numbers of smart phones are coming with the highest charging capacity and it can be used even up to 5 days without charging. For the different types of the mobile phones, the power adapters are available in the different models. Choosing a right adapter and cable for your mobile phone can actually be challenging at all but it is not difficult. While choosing a charger and adapter for your smart phone or tablet, first of all it is highly necessary to consider these four basic specifications because these are all the most important in the selection of an adapter. They include,

  • Connector Type – A type of the connector used to make the connection between your charger and also the mobile device.
  • Input Voltage – It is the voltage received by the mobile charger as the input. It would be either 12 V DC for car chargers or 120 V DC for home chargers.
  • Output Voltage – It is nothing but how many volts of the output current or power produced by your charger.
  • Output Current – It is the amount of output voltage which is being created.

Important things to notice while buying mobile adapters:

All the buyers of the adapters for your mobile devices should need to know all the important specifications before you are going to purchase a particular one. For the modern smart phones, the numbers of necessary specifications have been greatly reduced that simplifies a process of purchasing the mobile phone adapter for everyone.

At the same time, everyone should also need to know whether one is purchasing a charger for connection to the car or home current, the current and output voltage are not really a matter or issue.

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The benefits of having a phone case

phone case

Different brands of mobile phones are available in our time at the most competitive prices. Every user of the Smartphone nowadays gets a good improvement in their personal and professional life. They consider a wide range of the most significant things to take care of their favorite phone in different aspects.

For example, they pay attention to the first-class mobile phone cases in online with an objective to buy and use a suitable phone case. Out of the ordinary features of phone cases nowadays give more than expected benefits to all users. Once you have begun using the most exclusive phone case, you will increase the overall lifetime of your phone and maintain it without any difficulty.

High quality features of affordable phone cases in online these days catch the attention of everyone who has decided to buy a brand new phone case at a reasonable price. You can directly focus on the most excellent phone cases available for sale and take note of the significance of properly using an ideal case to your phone. You will make an informed decision and buy an appropriate phone case without any complexity.

The main benefits

There are many benefits to users of phone cases at this time. However, the most important benefits are as follows.

  • Aesthetical appeal
  • Durable
  • Heat and dust resistance
  • Protect and allow the complete access to touch screens
  • Protective
  • Tactile and anti-slip
  • Tight fitting

Aesthetical appeal

The most attractive designs of phone cases manufactured by renowned brands nowadays give a wide range of benefits to every customer. If you are very conscious about the fashionable appearance wherever you go, then you can make use of the first-class design of the phone case hereafter. You will get more than expected style from the latest design of the phone case.


The best durability of the hardware of cell phone depends on different factors. Once you have decided to increase the durability of your phone, you can directly prefer and purchase a phone case. The silicone phone case is more durable than any other material of the phone case.

Heat and dust resistance

Thermos table elements and low thermo conductivity of phone cases are appropriate for people who work in hot temperatures. You can make use of the phone case with these properties during the sunny days and hot climates. The overall surface dust can be reduced further by properly using the phone case.

Protect and allow the complete access to touch screens

Many users of the modern Smartphone seek how to protect the touchscreen. They can make use of the most reliable brand of the phone case designed to protect the overall touchscreen. An outstanding phone case not only protects front and back sides, but also the touchscreen of the phone.


You may own an expensive mobile phone and seek how to protect it day after day. When you use exciting apps like SnapSexter, you may over excite and drop your phone. You can use the best phone case with shock absorption feature to protect each part of the phone against drops as well as any other impact damage.

Tactile and anti-slip

Even though the latest models of phone cases are durable, they are soft to touch and pleasant to handle. Users of a suitable phone case these days feel comfortable grip as expected. They take advantage of inherent anti-slip elements of silicone phone covers.

Tight fitting

Malleability and flexibility of phone cases fit tightly over the mobile phones. This is worthwhile to buy and use a phone case specially designed and mostly recommended for a particular model of the phone. An easy way to put on and remove the phone case nowadays gives an array of benefits to every user.

What are all the different types of phone cases and their purposes?

Today, almost everyone is using more than one mobile phone which is normal or smart phone. The people who would like to become modernized then they can use advanced smart phones and tablet devices to not only make a phone call but for all other benefits to acquire. When you are using a mobile phone, first of all everyone should need to consider buying the phone case in order to protect the panel and display of your device. When it comes to the phone case, it must be the most significant range of the mobile accessory preferred by all types of the mobile users.

About mobile cases:

The mobile cases are basically designed to support & attach to your mobile phones, and at the same time they are very helpful to hold the mobile phone in the safe manner. They are the most famous mobile accessories for so many numbers of phones specifically mainstream smart phones. According to the display inches, the measurements of the phone cases would be varied. At the same time, there are different types of the mobile or phone cases existing in the market and they include,

  • Sleeves and Pouches
  • Shells
  • Holsters
  • Safety Straps
  • Skins
  • Bumpers
  • Screen protection and body films
  • Flip cases & wallets
  • Drop & shock protection
  • Leather case

When it comes to the standing phone case, it in fact improves the experience of the user and it is highly suggested for the videos, multimedia and audios. If the mobile users are going to the holsters phone cases, they are most commonly used alone for the different devices including rubberized padding or/and are also made up of the plastic material. Similarly, they are manufactured without the exposed rigid corners.

Folio cases are also very famous for the different mobile devices and they are just a combination of the stand and case including the USB and keyboard which are for the Bluetooth keyboard or OTG smart phones. If you are buying the heavy duty cases, they are specifically designed to protect from the scratches and drops due to the regular usage.

Other types of phone cases:

The design phone covers and skins can actually serve for the personalization and protection. These are all particularly made for the Apple iPhone devices which require glass and metal components to protect the devices that are all highly vulnerable to the damages. These types of phone cases are highly distinct from the holsters in allowing the use of your mobile device while fixing the case.

When it comes to the skins as the phone cases, they are usually made up of the rubber, hard plastic and as well as the adhesive backed vinyl pieces. The calendared vinyl skins basically tend to shrink in the heat and they can also be shaped into any form as per your needs. The vinyl cover for the mobile phones in fact maintains the glossier look overall and at the same time it also provides the air release channel which prevents the bubbles during the cover placement.

How to choose a case for your mobile:

Most of the people can spend only a few minutes to choose the brand new mobile phone but they spend many hours to select the protective phone case. First and foremost, think why you should need to go for the mobile case would be to protect against the scratches and several other damages to your phone panel and also the screen. Other reasons is for privacy. If you use apps like Milf Swiper, you will want a phone case that has a privacy screen.

While selecting a case, first of all you should need to find the right display size and model of your mobile and mention it while choosing a suitable case from the shop.